Val Metanomski Meritorious Service Award

Val Metanomski Meritorious Service Award


To recognize outstanding contributions to the Division.


Members of the Division who:

The current Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary are ineligible to receive this award.


The award may be given to more than one person a year.

Nature of the Award

An engraved plaque or a framed certificate.



Membership in the Division and outstanding contributions to the Division. For example, continuing leadership of the Division in a particular area or sustained active contribution to major tasks over many years. Nominations should document these contributions and be supported by three seconding letters.

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
2023 Judith Currano,  Susan Cardinal, Ye Li
2022 Carmen Nitsche
2016 Leah McEwen
2012 Wendy Warr
2010 Svetla Baykoucheva
2009 Eileen Shanbrom
2008 William Town
2007 Andrea Twiss-Brooks
2006 Bonnie Lawlor
2006 Joanne Witiak
2005 Margaret Matthews
2004 Grace Baysinger
2004 Guenter Grethe
2003 Gary Wiggins
2002 Arleen Somerville
2000 Patricia Rosso
1994 Barbara Prewitt
1992 W. Val. Metanomski