The Skolnik Award

THE Herman Skolnik Award

About the Award

The ACS Division of Chemical Information established the Herman Skolnik Award to recognize outstanding contributions to and achievements in the theory and practice of chemical information science. The Award is named in honor of the first recipient, Herman Skolnik.

By this Award, the Division of Chemical Information is committed to encouraging the continuing preparation, dissemination and advancement of chemical information science and related disciplines through individual and team efforts. Examples of such advancement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Design of new and unique computerized information systems;

  • Preparation and dissemination of chemical information;

  • Editorial innovations;

  • Design of new indexing, classification, and notation systems;

  • Chemical nomenclature;

  • Structure-activity relationships;

  • Numerical data correlation and evaluation;

  • Advancement of knowledge in the field.

The Award consists of a $3000 honorarium and a plaque. The recipient is expected to give an address at the time of the Award presentation. In recent years, the Award Symposium has been organized by the recipient.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations for the Herman Skolnik Award should:

  • describe the nominee's contributions to the field of chemical information;

  • include supportive materials such as a biographical sketch and a list of publications and presentations;

  • be accompanied by three seconding letters;

  • be received prior to June 1 in the year preceding the award presentation;

  • be sent by email to the current CINF Awards Chair.

Please note: paper submissions are not accepted.


  • Call for Nominations:
    in September, two years preceding the year the award is to be made

  • Deadline for receipt of nominations:
    June 1 of the year preceding the year the award is to be made

  • Selection of Award Recipient:
    Fall ACS National Meeting of the year preceding the year the award is to be made

  • Distribution of press release:
    mid October, in the year preceding the year the award is to be made

  • Award presentation:
    Tuesday of the Fall ACS National Meeting

Wendy Warr and Associates composes a report on the Skolnik award symposiums, please see these below.