Patterson-Crane Award - Call for Nominations

Patterson-Crane Award Nominations Sought

The ACS Dayton and Columbus Sections seek nominations for the 2018 Austin M. Patterson-E. J. Crane Award for outstanding contributions to the field of chemical information, broadly defined. The award consists of a $3,000 honorarium and a personalized commendation.

RDA CRDIG meeting at 254th ACS Meeting

The Chemistry Research Data Interest Group (CRDIG), comprising interested individuals across IUPAC, ACS-CINF, RSC-CICAG, GDCh-CIC, and the Research Data Alliance, invites you to join us for an open session at the ACS meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting will take place on Sunday, August 20, 5-6:00 pm in the Junior Ballroom I at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center, immediately following the CINF Open Structures session.

Potential Projects from RDA Sponsored Workshop

Heads up for those attending ACS in Philadelphia. The RDA sponsored workshop 'Prioritizing Digital Data Challenges in Chemistry' held in July at the National Center for Computational Toxicology produced a number of potential projects that are listed below. You can find more information in the workshop summary at

CINF 2016 Data Summit Slides - 251st ACS Meeting, March 2016

Here is the complete list of summit presentations with slides if available. A list of all CINF papers (with slides) can be found here.

Tomayto vs. Tomahto: Overcoming Incompatibilities in Scientific Data - Sunday, March 13 (am)

CINF 2016 Elections - Candidate Statements

ACS CINF Available Positions and Candidate Statements

**VOTING IS NOW OPEN! To vote, click here**


NOTE: The candidate names are listed alphabetically by first name within each position.


Cheminformatics OLCC

Along with the Division of Education, (spearheaded by Dr. Robert Belford), CINF (with special help and support by Dr. Stuart Chalk and Leah McEwen) have collaborated and supported the OLCC: On-Line Chemistry Courses @  A series of online courses on a variety of topics in the area of chemistry.


Date: Thursday, January 28, 2016
Time: 11 am US/EDT
Speakers: Diane Graves

Diane Graves will present a webinar on EDUCAUSE on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 11 am US/EST.


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